Making rooms – printing on Tshirts 

I couldn’t screen print at Making rooms on Friday like I’ve planned and I’ve decided to go there with kids on Saturday, it was really good idea because they had fun there, they were a bit bored in the end but enjoyed most of the time there. 

I’ve used vinyl stencil with my pineapple design for printing on Tshirts. I’ve purchased Tshirts from asda for just £1 each and they are really good quality, I wanted to print pineapples on them and make shorts from fabric with similar pineapple print on it to make sets which I can sell on Teenage Market  next weekend. 

About Making Rooms and their Tshirt printing facilities- I think its a great place, people working there are so nice and helpful, they’ve got amazing equipment you can use for free such as 3D printer, vinyl, wood, paper cutter but I think it’s good for people who like designs like that. I went there for Tshirt printing and I was expecting I can use digital printer for it but I found out they use vinyl stencils and screens ( same as we use in college) and unfortunately my pineapple  looked different than my digital design because I had to use pigment paints and I could use just few paint colours at once to mix them by putting them together on a screen, as seen on photos 

But I’m the end I think Tshirts looked quite cool like that. 

Another thing that disappointed me a bit was the size of sink to wash screen, it took me a while to clean screens there because they were too small to do it and I had to clean the floor after washing because water were everywhere. 


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