Final Major Project – Evaluation

For my Final Major Project I have been given a word “tropical” . I have started doing research as soon as I got brief because I didn’t want to waste any time like I did with previous projects . I have decided to be focus on it and to do my best. In this project I have done enough research, both primary and secondary. I have spent a lot of time on my development stage and I have really enjoyed it.

First I have visited few garden centres to take photos of tropical plants and fruits to have something to start with. I have also done research of artists who use tropical theme in their work such as Lera Efremova, Camilla Frances Prints and Doops designs and they all have had a big influence in my work, they all use vibrant colour in their work.  I have choosen to get inspiration from them because I have decided to create surface patterns for my final major project and I wanted them to be very colourful and eye catching. I am very pleased with my final outcomes as I have spent a lot of time on them.  I have created a range of tropical patterns with pineapples, cactuses and tropical leaves and I have decided to print them on different surfaces. To create them I have used different medias such as acrylics, quink ink or fineliners.  A business that I own is focused mainly on designing childrenswear that is why I have created colourful patterns ideal for children, my pineapple and cactuses pattern are very colourful and look great printed on fabric. I have made few outfits for children, cushion covers and I have also printed patterns on wallpaper. I have designed different patterns to show that they can be printed on many surfaces. I have taken part in Teenage Market in Blackburn and I have displayed my some of my final outcomes there. It was a great experience for me, I was able to find out if my designs are marketable and I have got positive feedback from people.

During this project I have discovered what my strengths are. I have found out that I really enjoy using acrylic , watecolor paints are fineliners to create sketches which I could scan and design seamless and repeated patterns in Photoshop. I have learnt a lot about taking good photographs and editing them . I have developed strong interest in surface pattern and it is something that I want to focus on in future and learn more about it.

I have enjoyed this project from first day I found my action plan really useful. Planning each week of my work in college helped me a lot, it showed me how important it is to be organised. If I had to make any improvements I would probably spend a little bit more time editing my patterns and experiment with different colours. I think that my work has been an overall success. I am excited to see my final outcomes presented in the exhibition space.


Setting up my exhibition

Today I’ve been finally setting up my exhibition. I’ve roughly planned how it will look like, I painted my hangers to put children clothes on it and also I’ve printed 2 size A1 photos  (of kids modelling in 2 outfits) at Reprographics, got few issues with it, first photo had a small mark on it and I had to take it back to ask them to print it again, after they’ve printed it,  the photograph wasn’t the same quality, I had to wait for a guy called Craig to come and print it for me ( he printed the first photo which looked perfect except the small mark on it )

I’ve decided to hung up my cushions from ceiling as it look really good like that, Danielle and Shireen helped me with it.

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Final outcomes

For my Final major Project I have produced a range of tropical patterns.

I have printed few of them on 100% cotton fabric and I have made cushion covers from ithsdjfjkksckcnnckcndxkwnda

I run a small clothing business and I have decided to print some of my patterns on jersey fabric to create my own collection of childrenwear. Trendy tropical patterns looks amazing on my outfits and I’m so proud of it.catsdjkadfinal outcomewjdfinal outcome2ajdxns

Things to do – exhibition

  • Buy wooden kids  hangers with clips from Mothercare, paint them white
  • Do research about exhibition space , roughly plan how my space will look like – how to display my children clothes designs , cushions, wallpaper
  • Find a clothes rail ( a good idea to display clothes on it )
  • Wear old clothes on Monday 5th June – painting screens – be in college at 9.30 am
  • Print 2  photos at Reprographics – size A1 or A0 – email Danielle and ask her which size exactly and

When I finish this course I want to focus on my clothing  business but also I would love to do something more with surface pattern which I really love. 2 years ago I haven’t even imagined I would enjoy painting, drawing and printing so much and now I think about becoming a surface designer in future.

I don’t get many orders through my Facebook page at the moment, I have to advertise my business in different places.

That’s why I’ve decided to send an application form to sell my designs on and also on

I’ve got a reply from notonthehighstreet already. They’ve asked me few more questions about my business and I’m waiting again to hear back from them.

I can sell my designs on Contrado, a company who prints my patterns on fabric, they’re looking for talented, creative people who wants to sell their own designs on their website. A guy who works their emailed me he  thinks my designs look great and he’ll give me a call to talk about it next week. I can’t wait for his call. I’d be so happy to have an opportunity to sell my designs there. I really want to put my name out there and I want my business Oli & Mi grow bigger.

Building a digital portfolio 

This week I’ve decided I have to do something and show my work to more people.

I’ve been thinking about digital portfolio for a while, it would be a good way of showing my designs to the world, I’m proud of my designs and I think they’re marketable and people love them so why not show them to the world?

I’ve opened an account on LinkedIn, I’ve updated all informations about myself and my business.

Also some time ago I found a Behance website where artists upload there work to show it to others. I’ve seen amazing designs there but I wasn’t confident about my designs at that time. But now I think it’s about time to open my own account there.

“The best way to predict future is to create it ” 

Future is in my hands and if I want to be successful I have to show my designs online to be hopefully noticed by somebody.

I’ve opened an account on Behance, I’ve written all links to my Instagram,  Facebook account and people can easily access them now from there. I’ve uploaded all my pattern designs there and photos of kids modelling in clothes. 

After I’ve done this I’ve got an email from Behance saying I can open a free website and I can sync all my projects from Behance. I thought it would be great for me to have my own website- my digital portfolio.

It was so easy to do it, I’ve chosen a layout of my website.

I found an option to link all my social media accounts there – my Etsy shop, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr. I was so happy and excited about it

My new website looks amazing, it’s not too complicated, easy to access, I can edit it through Behance whenever I want.

I’ve been able  to edit my sub-domain to change it to my full name and it looks so professional. Here  is a link to my website

Cotton cushions with my own patterns printed on

I’ve made these cushion covers with my patterns printed on them  for Teenage Market and I want to display them on my exhibition space together with my children clothes designs and wallpapers. I’ve taken quick photos of them at home using my Iphone, but I think I’d have to take better photos because I want to try sell them on Etsy after exhibition. I’ very pleased with them for now but I’m thinking about changing the background of my patterns from white to darker one to see if people will like them more. They look really good like that but some people like darker colour scheme. Maybe I should use some of scans of my other samples I’ve created during this project and create backgrounds from it. I haven’t had enough to do it before deadline for our practical work .